Placement Policies

Code of Conduct / Placement Policy

    • If the candidates are not in the position to do the job or not interested, avoid registering for the Placement Programme.
    • Candidates should attend interviews of all types of Cyber security companies and for any cybersecurity technology related jobs.
    • Only shortlisted candidates by RedTeam Hacker Academy would be allowed to attend the interview. (Shortlisting candidates on the basis of Education,Work Experience, Skills and knowledge, Competencies, Communication skills)
    • Avoid blocking an opportunity, which other candidate(s) could secure, due to your indecisiveness such as, not giving consent after being shortlisted, not attending interview after giving consent, not signing the Declaration Form after being finally selected or not joining the company after signing the Declaration Form. The profiles of candidate who does this will be followed only after 6 months.
    • Candidate should learn all the sample interview questions which RedTeam Provides
    • Candidates must complete their Cybersecurity Assessments in good ranking i.e., 70% attendance, 70% Assessment Score.
    • Candidates¬† have to create a good resume with the skills included should be relevant to the job that interests them.

The ideal candidate should have the following qualities , skills and Education

    • Communication: you are able to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing and you admit that for good communication you must know how to listen actively and extract the necessary information.
    • Problem solving orientation: you are able to identify and analyze an/a existing/potential problem and find suitable solutions for each situation.
    • Trust: you know your strong points, what you are able to do and what you can do.
    • Flexibility: you adapt slightly depending on the situation and you are open to new ideas and people.
    • Energy: you like to work and you are willing to invest time and effort to achieve your goals.
    • Teamwork: you are a team worker, but you can also work individually.
    • Any Degree , Computer Science is preferable
    • Candidates should have complete knowledge about cyber security and a proper answer for why they choose Cyber Security?
    • Candidates should have Practical knowledge and Technical Fitness .